15 Vitamin C benefits that you must know else

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient found in various fruits and dietary supplements. It is
commonly known as ascorbic acid. It is a water-soluble vitamin. It helps in repairing of various tissues and organs in various parts of our body. Vitamin c is also used in making various kind of medicines.


All the citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C. Some of most common sources of vitamin C are GUAVAS, ORANGES, PLUMS, KIWIS, BROCCOLI, LEMONS, PAPAYA, STRAWBERRIES, CANTALOUPE etc.

There are a large number of Vitamin C benefits for our health. Here are some main benefits of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C benefits
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1. Makes your heart healthy

It is scientifically proven that Vitamin C helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases. The person having heart problems are advised by the doctor to take Vitamin C. When a protein named endothelium 1 gets accumulated in blood vessels then it results in heart attack. Vitamin C does not allow endothelin 1 to accumulate. A scientific research has proven that a person taking Vitamin C supplements or products daily have 50% less chance to get heart attack. Taking Vitamin C is must for heart patients.

Vitamin C benefits
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2. Maintains blood pressure

The deficiency of Vitamin C causes variation in blood pressure. Taking Vitamin C can regulate blood pressure. The person having high blood pressure should take Vitamin C. Vitamin C will immediately cause the blood pressure to come normal. This method is tested by various scientists. Vitamin c is also used in making various blood pressure medicines.

Vitamin C benefits

3. Boosts immunity

Vitamin C helps the body to fight against different types of pathogens. If the body lacks Vitamin C it is difficult for the body to fight against these pathogens. So Vitamin C is must for boosting immunity. Vitamin C also helps to get rid of allergy and infections. This is done by enhancing t-cell proliferation against the infection. Vitamin C also helps to heal the wounds. The conclusion arrives that Vitamin C is the best medicine for health related problems. A person with low immunity must take vitamin C.

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4. Helps in prevention of cancer

Vitamin C can help to slow down the growth of various kind of Cancer cells. Thus it reduces the possibility of a person of getting cancer. Cancer is a life threatening disease. So if you want to avoid this life threatening disease please take supplement and products rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C not only helps in prevention of Cancer but it also helps in treatment of cancer. There are no side effects of taking Vitamin C so you can take Vitamin C without any fear.

Vitamin C benefits

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5. Helps in hair growth

Nowadays people are taking various types of medicines for their hair growth but they don’t know that Vitamin C can help them in hair growth. In fact, dry hair and hair fall are caused by the deficiency of Vitamin C. That means that taking Vitamin C will solve our problem. People who take Vitamin C daily have strong, healthy, long hair. there are various types of components that makes our hair weak. These components can be minimised by vitamin C.

Vitamin C benefits

6. Helps in pigmentation, suntan, dark spots etc.

There are various reactions that takes place in our body and causes these skin problems. The effects of these reactions can be brought down by vitamin C. Vitamin C makes a person skin soft and can improve it’s texture.

Vitamin C benefits

7. Makes a person skin look younger

As stated above that vitamin C helps in skin problems. Therefore it makes a person skin better and beautiful. There are various students that are facing puberty and we know at puberty there are various skin problems like acne. Acne can be treated by taking diets rich in vitamin C.

Vitamin C benefits

8. Helps in weight loss

Vitamin C cut down the fats that are accumulated inside the body. Therefore vitamin C helps in weight loss. There are various people struggling to reduce their weight. They should try taking vitamin C. At last of this article I will tell you the supplements rich in vitamin C. So keep reading and enjoying.

Vitamin C benefits
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9. Helps in treatment of common cold

Vitamin C also helps in treatment of common cold. It reduces the duration of common cold. Duration of common cold is usually 5 to 6 days. But if we will take vitamin C it could be cured within 2 days.

10. Reduces the risk of getting chronic disease

Generally, when an acute disease is not properly treated. Then it gets converted into chronic disease. Vitamin C can reduce the chance of an acute disease to be converted into chronic disease. It is a strong natural antioxidant. Antioxidant are the particles that makes are immune system better. They boost up immune system by destroying harmful particles that attack on our cells.

Vitamin C benefits
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11. Can treat bleeding gums

Bleeding gums are caused by deficiency of vitamin C. Therefore taking vitamin C can treat bleeding gums. Bleeding gums are caused because of weakening of connective tissues present in our mouth. Vitamin C can make connective tissues strong. Thus taking supplements rich in vitamin C can cure bleeding gums.

Vitamin C benefits

12. Natural anti-viral

Vitamin C is a natural anti-viral. It can treat viral infections and diseases. High dose of vitamin C is also used in treatment of small pox (earlier small pox became epidemic but it is now a very rare disease).

Vitamin C benefits

13. Skin benefits

Vitamin C makes skin more soft and also prevents it from pollution. The people living in polluted cities should apply vitamin C cream on their body as it makes the skin pollution resistant. It also treats sun burn. The antioxidants present in vitamin C helps in treating sun burn. That’s the reason, why sunscreen contains vitamin C.

Vitamin C benefits

14. Treats diabetes

Diabetes is a disease which is caused by number of factors. The main factor of diabetes is increase in level of sugar in blood. The second factor is deficiency of vitamin C. Taking vitamin C can help in treatment of diabetes as it helps in converting sugar into glucose. A person with DIABETES must take vitamin C.

Vitamin C benefits
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15. Prevents and helps in controlling asthma

In fact, person taking supplements rich in vitamin C will never get asthma.Asthma is a disease caused by air pollution. As mentioned above, vitamin c makes our body pollution resistant. It also helps to cure asthma. A person having asthma must take vitamin C.


Vitamin C is must to remain healthy. Though, people with deficiency of vitamin C are rarely found. But deficiency of vitamin C should not be ignored. A person taking high dose of vitamin C remains healthy throughout his life. The highest natural source of vitamin C is guava. The conclusion arrives that a person must take vitamin C. As it makes our over all performance better.

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