15 Weight loss tips that will make you slim-trim

Here are the best weight loss tips. Follow these tips and get slimmer in a week. It is self tested that following these tips can reduce upto 7.5 kg in a week. Let’s come to the point.

weight loss tips

1. Drink more water

This is the first step you have to include in your schedule, in the journey of weight loss. Drinking more water will cause your calorie intake to decline. Especially, drinking water before meal will give you better results. Water contains very less calories. When we drink water before our meal we are not able to eat more so water helps in regulating calories intake. Therefore Drinking more water results in eating less.

weight loss tips

2. Avoid junk food

I know that refusing to your favourite junk food is not an easy task but it is essential for loosing your weight. Eating junk food not only makes you fatty but also it harms your health. As you know junk food are not good for health but they contain a large amount of calories. Eating 100 grams of burger is equal to 295 calories and a normal burger weighs around 145 grams therefore it contains 427.75 calories. Eating 5 burgers will be equal to whole day consumption of calories. It also contains various unhealthy components therefore it causes harm to our health and remember that there is nothing more important than health.

weight loss tips

3. Yoga

Yoga is the best remedy for most of the health related problems. Regular yoga will not only make you slim and trim but also will make you musculine and fit. Yoga helps you to rapidly reduce your weight. You can even do yoga sitting at home. Thus everyone can do it.

weight loss tips

4. Split your meal in to intervals.

Don’t eat too much at a time. If you will eat too much at a time it will not get digested properly and get accumulated in the form of fat. Else you should eat food in intervals as you will eat less food and therefore it will get digested and thus will not get accumulated. This tip will also provide your system the time to use the fat accumulated earlier and thus will make you slim.

weight loss tips

5. Drink green tea and green coffee

Green tea contains a lot of antioxidants and it helps us in boosting are metabolism. It helps us in better digestion. If you will drink green tea or green coffee it will definitely reduce your weight upto 2 kg in a week.

weight loss tips

6. Eat more proteins

Many people don’t know that proteins helps to reduce your weight immediately. the food items like raw cottage cheese, milk, curd have a large amount of proteins. These will help you to cut down your fats. They will make you slim and Healthy. I have also seen myself people eating proteins and becoming slimmer. Protein is also the reason why I am so slim.

weight loss tips

7. Consume fibre

Fibres are famous for their quality of reducing weight. This is not false. It is true. The do so by cleaning our various vesicles and tubes. The various fibre rich fruits are oranges, grapes, mango, plum, watermelon, Apple, etc. Consume them as they are tasty and are beneficial for our health

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8. Eat fruits rich in citric acid

The fruits which are rich in citric are raw apples, oranges, grapes, guava etc. These fruits helps us in reducing are stored fats and they contain less calories.

These fruits contains a large amount of fibres and large component of these fruits is water. As these fruits contains various nutrition assets. These are very good for our health.

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9. Decrease the consumption of sugar

The food items which contain large amount of sugar are very harmful.

As a person who does not do a lot of physical exercise can’t digest it. Sugars contain a large amount of energy. If that energy is not used it gets accumulated in our body and this makes us fatty. Digesting more amount of sugar is very difficult for our digestive system as it has to be converted into simpler form. So if you want to be slim you have to avoid the sweets.

Control over yourself

10. Have a control on your tongue

We all know what is healthy for us and what is unhealthy but then also for our tongue we used to eat unhealthy things. You should have a control on on our tongue. Eating these things will be tasty but these are extremely and healthy for you and you know that. I am not saying you to leave them entirely but try to control your self. You should have a strong will reduce your weight then only you could have control on your tongue.

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11. Prefer liquids over solids

Same amount of liquid has much less quantity of calories as compared to solid. Liquids are easy to digest and are much more convenient source of energy. Healthiest liquids include apple juice, orange juice, water melon juice, ect. These will not only help you to reduce your weight but will make your face glowing and will enhance your appearance.

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12. Running

It is the fact which we all know but don’t practice. You will be surprised to hear that running is the fastest way to lose weight.

From now onwards start running. I am not saying run for an hour else you should start running for 10 minutes and then gradually increase your running time.


13. Join an exercise club

If you don’t wish to run. Then second option with you is joining an exercise club. It could be very beneficial for you as it will inculcate a habit of doing exercise. Exercise is the way in which you could loose your weight without leaving your favourite meals.

“Doing regular exercise, is the habit of the person wise”

The above line is absolutely correct so follow what is said above.

weight loss tips

14. Avoid cold drinks completely

Cold drinks not only makes you fat but also makes your bone porous and weak and I guess no one wants bad bones.

If you are feeling hot except of drinking cold drinks you can drink juice. Juices are much better than cold drinks.

weight loss tips

15. Eat spicy

Spicy foods boosts up your metabolism and makes you tolerable to heat. Good metabolism will help you body to improve your digestive system. Thus helps you to decrease your stored fats. Therefore helps in weight loss.

I will guarantee you that following these tips will definitely result in weight loss.

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