4 myths regarding weight loss that we all believe

Overweight has been taken much consideration among many body issues. That’s why this problem has given the wide scope of business to the people of the world. Tonics, tablets, weight loss powder, tea and much more products have made the place in the international market.

The weight gainer get unlimited advises from everyone. They suggest so many things like-take fruits only or leave food or carbohydrates. We get a list of what to eat or not to eat. All the suggestions have given the birth to so many myths that we may harm our body.

The young girls can do everything in order to get slim shape. They used to be hunger for many hours which is not beneficial in any way.

Myth 1-Dieting speedily loses the weight-

The Super one myth of the present times is to do dieting. People when do dieting, eat very less. This never gives positive results but leads to lack of necessary nutrients in our body. Our body convert our intakes into energy but if proper food is not been taken then metabolic rate decreases which may lead to increase in the weight.

So dieting is not the correct way to lose weight. Have enough meal but in balanced way. Eat everything but avoid fatty things. Many vegetables have enough fat so there is no need to take extra fats.

Take less quantity of meal four to five times a day in spite of taking it in one or two times.

Myth 2-No intake of Carbohydrates lose the weight

Carbohydrate plays an important role in our fitness. It works as an engine of a body. So if we won’t take carbs, our body fitness will be endangered. It is essential to be alert while using carbs. Take slow digesting carbs in place of fast digesting carbs.

All types of breads, wheat chapati, rice, corn flakes, potato etc. have fast digesting carbs which changes into sugar very fast and responsible for weight gain. On the other hand, sweet potato, spinach, broccoli, cucumber, tomato ,onion etc. are slowly digestible which maintain the sugar level in our body.

Myth 3-Having more fruits loses the weight

Fruits is the part of our balanced diet but can’t lose weight if taken it only. Many fruits such as banana, Chiku, grapes, mangoes have much quantity of sugar which can put the negative effect on our body. These fruits if taken more can gain our weight instead of losing. We should take fruits having more fibre like apple, strawberry, Orange but we cannot replace them in place of food. To maintain our body fitness, it is necessary to take seasonal fruits regularly.

Myth4-Fat free or low fat label eatables lose the weight

Fat free eatables are generally tasteless. Sugar or sugar alcohol or refined carbohydrates have to mix with it to make it tasteful. When we have these eatables, it is obvious to have more which results in weight gain. These low fat or no fat eatables are taken more so total value of calories become high. Normally, no or low fat things are ready to eat so elements like sodium is more in it which leads to other harms to the body like high BP etc.

Friends, we all want slim shape of our body but in order to get it, we may harm our body. So it is advised not to go with any myth and consult the health expert doctor.

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