5 extremely easy tips for preventing eyes

When we think about eyes. The very first thing that comes to our mind is colors. Eyes makes our life colorful. They play vital role in our life. So, we all need prevent our eyes from diseases. Here are some extremely easy tips that could help you.

  • Vitamin A – fat soluble vitamin is important for permanently visual sense. The products rich in vitamin A are- sweet potato, pumpkin, milk, fish etc. The best source is said to be CARROTS. It is said that 1 cup of chopped carrots provides 334% of daily vitamin A requirement.

  • Reduce your screen time – the more the screen time is more will be the chances of your loss of eyesight so try to reduce it and only use when required. In fact, almost 90 % of eyesight loss in the world is due to gadgets such as smartphones, televisions, and computers.

  • Proper sleep— you would be thinking that what the relationship between sleep and eyes is. There is a huge relationship. When we sleep our eyes get rest and so it is refreshed.

  • Maintain your weight – more weight opens risk to diabetes and diabetes opens the risk to many eye problems. So it better to maintain your weight.
  • Regular exercise— exercise helps you in infinite number of ways. You would be shocked hearing that it also prevents your eyes. It improves your eyesight. It helps your eyesight by reducing your weight and thus controlling diabetes and you know diabetes effects badly to our retina.

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