5 rules regarding milk

Milk is undoubtedly a superfood. it is a good source of nutrients like calcium ,protein, iodine,potassium ,Phosphorus ,vitamin B12 and Vitamin B2. Milk is said to be a complete food. It increases immunity and power if taken regularly but there are some rules regarding milk which we will discuss here.

  • When to take milk-The best time to take milk is before going to bed at night. Dinner should be taken an hour before the milk. If we take milk at night, it removes our depression, fatigue and we get a good sleep. When we take milk in the morning, sometimes it can’t be digested and create gastric problems. But children have good digestion so they can take milk in the morning too.
  • How to take milk-Hot or cold milk have their own benefits. Hot milk helps in gaining calcium,Phosphorus etc and the cold milk (room temperature) controls acidity.
  • Who can’t take milk-The persons who have lactose intolerance, should not take milk and Milk products. Our body can’t digest natural sugar present in dairy products in case of lactose intolerance. It creates problems like indigestion and vomiting. The people who have poor digestion should not take milk.
  • What to avoid with milk-Non-vegetarian should not take fish with milk. Sour fruits should also be avoided to take with milk. Milk should not be taken with salty foods. It results in having toxins harmful for our health. So it is advised to take milk after an hour of eating.
  • What is best to take with milk-There are many things which are best to take with milk. One of them is turmeric. If we add a Pinch of turmeric in milk at night, it increases immunity and has antibacterial and healing property. Secondly if we take date with milk, it strengthens our bones and muscles.

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