7 ways to score higher marks in exams

Are you afraid of your examination? Surely many of us are. But why to fear when there are lot of ways for overcoming your fear and to score good marks. Let us not waste your precious time and start.

7 tips to score higher marks in exams—

1. Make time table–

Three-four months before the exam, try to you away from social media and other distractions. Make an effective time table which could be followed by you. A freshly conducted survey has revealed that 90% of students achieve success in exams if they could follow strict timetable. You should conserve your time and should give it to your studies.

2. Make good notes–

Good notes would help you in future. Try to makes notes short. Notes should be like that that it summaries the chapter and makes your work easy.

3.Do practice tests—

When you are finished with your syllabus then try to give a practice test. It shows your level of understanding and your preparation.

4. Regular study

Regular study helps in taking good marks. If you have doubts ask your teacher the very next day.

5. Be focused on your studies—

Give quality time to studies rather quantity of time. Choose the time when you could fully concentrate on your studies.

6. Go to school regularly

A scientific research has proven that students going to schools are able to score more marks than others. So if you want to score more Marks , go to school regularly.

7. Do mental maths

If you will do mental maths. Then your thinking power and speed of doing maths will increase. Not only it helps you to improve your maths but will make you better in all the subjects.

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