These 6 super foods every kid should get

All the kids want to eat delicious food but we all know all the foods which are yummy always makes health poor so what to do? Today in this article we have provided some flavorsome foods that you could easily make and they even does not spoil your health. These foods will make your child mouth-watering and not only kids but you to will like it.

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Fruit chat— we all know what it is. We all could make it by a single type of fruit or by mixing a variety of fruits. It does not have ill-effect on health whereas it is healthy. So try it now.

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South Indian food- earlier, it was only available in India but know in almost every country you could find it. This includes a large variety of meals such as dosa, uttpam, idli, vada, sambhar etc. it is delicious as well is healthier.

Vegetable sandwich— are you confused what to give for lunch to your child for school? You could give him/her a vegetable sandwich. Every child loves a sandwich and a vegetable sandwich is not only tasty but also healthy.

Milk with biscuits— all parents want to give their child milk but child always refuses but if you will provide him biscuits with milk he will definitely not refuse him and your tension will come to an end.

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Dry fruits— almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts, raisins etc. all of these are super foods. So try to give your child these dry fruits. They are not only healthy but they also protect you from diseases and makes you sturdy.

Fresh juice— we all have juicers at home so let’s make some amazing juices. Juices not only provide us energy. It also provides us with valuable nutrients such as vitamin A, B, C, K etc.

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