6 Tips to prevent you from back (spine) pain.

Are you annoyed by your back pain?

There are number of ways that could help you. We know how you are feeling. So, we have brought some extremely easy ways for you.

  • Yoga – the most appropriate solution for this problem is yoga. Yoga can cure anything. So, what are you waiting for? Search on Google for some videos of Baba Ramdev ji about back pain.
  • Emphasis on your posture— make sure about these points.
  1. When you sit you should make an angle of 90 degree
  2. Stand straight
  3. Never sleep with your stomach facing down

  • Use a cervical pillow— whether you have cervical or not use it. It prevents you from further bad condition and also helps your body to be in correct posture.
Man Doing Pushup
  •  Exercise— if you are not able to do yoga there are numerous back pain exercises for you. In fact, if you will only do exercise it could cure your 90% pain.
  • Consult an expert— if your problem is serious then immediately consult an expert.
  • Give rest to your back— rest is necessary for your back. Don’t sleep but you could lay down on your bed it provides immediate relief.

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