How advancement in technology is disturbing the biotic components?

There are infinite advantages of Technology but there are also some harms of advancement in technology. 50 to 60 years ago the life was not like this that it is now.

Due to increasing number of signal towers birds are being diminished. So, there is is a need to control this. Do you remember how many days before you saw a bird? I am not talking about crow. Not only birds but there are various animals which have been affected and are being endangered.

Due to the increase in number of vehicles, air conditioners, refrigerators, television, computers etc global warming is increasing causing threat on lower altitudes.

The biggest invention of all time computers

The biggest invention of all time is computers and there smaller version is smartphones. These smartphones have taken place of everything. Not only that, they have also decreased the life span of human beings and have introduced wrong postures. Now if you see anyone, he/she can’t sit straight for even a short time. The reason is smartphone. They have created large threat to our eyes. They also causes harms to our innocent heart.

We all are addicted to our smartphones. No one could leave them not even me. But we can reduce the time which we give to smartphones. They also causes an ill effect to our brain. I have a live prove for that. Use your smartphone for an hour and then try to do some maths questions. Do you find some difficulty? That was because of smartphone but don’t worry you would be normal after 3-4 minutes. Above activity I tried myself and also got the same result which I mentioned above.

We all have vehicles and when we have to go near by then also we prefer using vehicle than by walking. This have made us lazy and no one likes that anyone speaks him lazy. So not for others but for yourself. Please walk or if you can’t then fix a time for yoga.

Actually technology is not harmful. We are being dependent on it that is harmful.

Do you like the article if yes then that was because I mixed my love in it.

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