Are deeds more important than long life ?

Yes in fact life is not measured by the number of years we live in the world. It is measured by the amount of work that we do in life. If a Man spends a long life of hundred years in idleness the life is not worth living. It is not the years but the dates that count. Length of life doesn’t build life good and higher. Perfection in life is not just by its length. But is always is judged by noble deeds. A short lifetime of Grace and sweetnessis better than a extended lifetime of no wonderful deeds

Craving for long life

Everyone wants to live long. But a long life is useless if is spend in idleness. Long life is good if it is spend in doing good work. But a man does not do much in the long period of his life. It is only a small fraction of life that he does something great so this part of life is superior to a long life of idleness. To burn for a movement is better than throwing smoke for hours. Jesus Christ, Alexander, Kennedy and Keats lived for a short time. But they sparked like gems. They did something great which others could not imagine to do even in a long life of a hundred years. We forget those who live long but do nothing in the world.

Life must be full of action

Our life must be full of action. We should be ready to face hardships if we want to shine in the world. We must avoid life of ease and confort. An ideal does not like a life of action. He thinks what he should do. His mind remain vacant. He does not want to be a responsible citizen of society. So we must be active and hardworking to get success in life. Life without some ideals is no life. Life of action is life of Ideals. All the great men have some ideas in mind. Gandhi and Lenin had the idea of serving their countries. Keats wanted to shine in the field of English Poetry. His ideas inspired him to get success in life.


Our life is short, but we have to do a lot of work. We should not waste a single moment without doing something great. A long life of idleness is worthless. A short life of Glory is really worth living. So it is said “we live in deeds not in years.”

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