Benefits of being happy

Happiness leads to a good health. It is proved in many researches that happiness increases the fitness level. There is no rocket science of being happy. Just pressurize your brain and find out some ways to be happy. Take a pen and start writing those matters which destroy your happiness.

Now, throw out those matters from your life which can be easily thrown. The matters which cannot be removed, tolerate them or find out the way to get out of it.

Now write those matters which bring smile on your face and you feel very much delighted like watching cinema, reading books or novels, talking to friends, playing with children and so on. It is very much important to be happy.

  • Heart remains healthy-Heart is a lifetime moving pump. High blood pressure and high heart beat lessen our age. Happiness controls our Heartbeat and blood pressure and so we get a good age. Moreover, if we remain happy then our well wishers also feel happy and become healthy.
  • It decreases pain-The people who It is essential for you to take sleep in discipline whether it is a holiday or weekend.. They remain patient during sickness or any type of disease.
  • It increases immunity-Many types of injections are given to increase immunity but it is proven in many researches that people who always be in good mood have high immunity power than others. So if you want to stay healthy and fit, always keep smiling and spread smile and happiness around you.

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