Wake up! Black hole is back in the game

black hole

The first black hole photo is out and we need to care about that. Earlier we were able to see black hole effects and it was based on theories. Gravitational force of black hole is that powerful that even light gets trapped in it.

What is black hole?

Black hole is a small area or region in spacetime that has gravitational force equal to infinite Newton. Every thing, even light gets trapped in it. Black hole is a type of hole in spacetime which is created when a huge star gets out of fuel and then it starts shrinking and at last gets converted into black hole.

Formation of black hole


The man behind discovery of black hole

black hole

Albert Einstein was the man who first thought of a thing like black hole in 1916 with his general theory of relativity. But the credit goes to American Astronomer JOHN WHEELER who was the first to use the term ‘black hole’ in 1967.

The women behind the first photo of black hole

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image credit nypost.com

A team of 200 scientists use the power of 8 radio telescope around the world and collected millions of Gigabytes of data to photograph the black hole. Although 200 scientists were involved in taking picture of black hole but credit goes to Katie Bouman. Katie Bouman is a young scientist who have done a thing which no one was able to do. She was the mastermind who planned the way to get its image. She released the first picture of black hole. In her interview she told that she started thinking how to take the picture of black hole two years ago. She said that she was also not known that she would succeed. This picture is of a super massive black hole name M87.

Types of black holes

1. Stellar black holes

Black hole

There are the smallest black holes. These are almost 20 times bigger than our sun. When massive stars collapse at the end of their life cycle then they form stellar black hole.

2. Intermediate black holes

Black hole

These black holes are 1000 times bigger than our sun. These are the result of collision of two stellar black holes. The mass of these black hole is enormous and is difficult to measure. But all its mass lies in small region.

3. Super massive black hole

Black hole

These black holes are known to be most destructive black hole. The nearest supermassive black hole is in the centre of our milky way galaxy. It is a billions times bigger than our sun. A star with diameter of 1 lightyear can become this type of black hole. But when it shrinks it becomes very small that it has radius of only 100 times of our sun.

The biggest black hole

A black hole nearly 250 million light-years away from earth is said to be largest black hole ever found. It has mass equivalent to 17 billion suns and lies in NGC 1277.

How small could a black hole be?

Black hole could be smaller than an atom but will have the mass more than a mountain.

What will happen if you fall in a black hole?

black hole

According to some scientists if you fall in the black hole you will be stretched till your length becomes infinite and your width becomes zero. Then you would look like thread or noodles.

What would happen if a black hole was very close to earth

The earth would have sucked in it but let us suppose earth will not get sucked in it. Then time on earth would slow down. Then 1 day on earth would be equal to 100 days on earth. Time travel could become possible. According to Albert Einstein if a person visited a place near to a black hole and returns to earth after one day. He would see that it has been passed hundred days on earth. It’s surprising right. But it’s 100% truth.

Can a universe fit inside a black hole?

Yes, a whole universe can fit inside a Black hole. Many of you might be not knowing that there is not only 1 Universe. There are multiverse. Many scientists thinks that this could be possible that our milky way is inside a massive black hole. I am not frightening you but this could be possible.

Where are Black holes found?

Black holes are found in our whole universe. But super massive black holes have been found in the middle of most galaxies. Sagittarius A* is a supermassive black hole found in the centre of Milky Way galaxy.

Which is nearest black hole to earth?

The nearest black hole to Earth is around 3000 light years away. It is known as V616 Monoceros.

What is black hole made up of?

Black hole is made up of Dead star that has at least three times the mass of sun. When the star dies it explodes into a Supernova. Releasing tremendous energy. Gradually it shrinks and gets converted into a black hole.

Power of a black hole

A Black hole can and suck a whole universe. The density of a black hole is equivalent to infinite. There is nothing more dense than a black hole in the universe. Black hole has the highest gravitational force. Even light cannot escape it.

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