Don’t make these mistakes while washing your face

Normally, we wash our face and think it has been cleaned but while washing our face, we make many mistakes which we even don’t realise. Sometimes we wash our face without washing our hands, as a result, dust and many types of bacteria gather on our face due to our dirty hands. These types of mistakes causes itching, dryness or pigmentation.

Use of hot water-

For washing the face, use warm water or water at room temperature. Hot water can lead to dryness and takes out necessary oil elements from our face. On the other hand, icy cold water may harm blood vessels. So it is advised to use warm water to wash your face with washed hands.

Wrong cleanser-

The correct pH level of face is 5. 5 which protect our thin layer of skin from bacteria and poisonous elements. Always choose right cleanser favourable to your skin type in order to maintain pH level. Do not use cleanser on dirty skin. Use cleanser only after washing your face so that it could spread on your face properly.

Washing face again and again-I

If you have a dry skin then wash your face only once and if it is oily then it could be washed twice. Once in the morning and then in the evening. If we wash our face again and again, it can make our skin dry. Our skin itself makes oils for skin and extra oil can cause itching. So it is advised not to wash face many times ,only once or twice wash is enough.

Scrubbing the face-

Scrubbing the face with towel causes the upper layer of skin which directly affects the flexibility of the skin. This can also damage the Lipid,protein and fatty acid from the outer layer of skin. When you wash your face, let it dry itself or just towel it with loose hands.

Friends, we always take care of many things so it is our responsibility to take care of our skin also. Our face leaves the first impression on the person in front of us. So, we should take care of our face and always choose the right cleanser, cold cream, foundation and so on in order to have a good and impressive look.

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