Drawbacks of anger that we must know

Anger harms us badly

Do you also feel anger immediately?

Have you ever thought harmful effects of anger? Do you ever think who are you hurting due to your anger?

In this article we will be telling you disadvantages of anger.

It hurts your love ones. You definitely know who your love ones are. Your parents, children, brothers, sisters, wife, husband, friends and so on. How can you hurt them who are so important in your life or we can say, you can’t imagine your life without them. Whenever you feel angry, take a deep breath and don’t utter a word even. After practicing it for 8 to 10 times, you will some type of change in you and your anger will start diminishing.

It spoils relationships in society—

Whenever you lose your temper with neighbours or people in your relation, it is definite that relation would be spoiled with them and in future, if you need them, they would turn their face. So, this anger is really a curse for you and you have to escape from this angser.

It spoils life – a person who loses his temper shortly, is really an impatient person.he quarrels on little matters.

A short tempered person loses his –

  • Good job
  • Friends
  • Wife husband
  • Relatives
  • Family
  • Goodwill
  • And sometimes—his own life

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