The complete guide for ear care that ensures you

Let’s learn the correct way of taking care of your ear’s health. Don’t wait, as if once hearing is lost it can’t be cured Fully. My humble request is that follow these tips seriously. Now let’s see some tips for you to give special care to your ears to protect them from any harm.

Cleanliness of ears

  • Never clean your ears with bobby pins, matchsticks, needles, pen, pencil or any sharp object. It may harm your eardrum. Just use clean cloth or tissue to clean the outer ear.
  • Ear wax cleans the ear itself. It is the ears mechanism. If you feel that your ear wax is blocking the hearing then it is necessary to remove it and this should be done by the doctors only.
  • Earrings or earstuds should be cleaned to avoid any problem. When you Pierce your ears, rub alcohol on both the ears to avoid infection. If you feel swelling, redness, pain on your newly pierced ears don’t wait and go to see the doctor.
  • If you experience earache, ringing in the ears, hearing imbalance or discharge from the ears consult the doctor immediately.

Rest your ears

If you have gone to a concert, music show, Circus, theatre or any place having loud noise , Step outside for few minutes to give your ears rest. Loud noise may harm your ear Canal. You can use cotton swabs for your ears to avoid hearing loud noise or use well fitted earplugs before entering the noisy area.

Use audio devices safely

Most of the young adults are at risk of hearing loss due to usage of audio devices. It does not mean not to hear music through audio devices but follow the rules of 60 by 60. It means volume should not be more than 60% and not to hear more than 60 minutes in a day.

Low volume in social events

If you are organising any social event, it is essential to keep the volume of the music low so that the people won’t be forced to shout for conversation. Low volume of music protect your ears from hearing loss.

Precautions during swimming

If you like swimming, then it becomes necessary to keep your ears dry. Excess moisture and courage bacteria to enter the ear and attack the ear drum. It may cause ear infections which may affect your hearing ability. Gently dry your ears with most soft towel. If you feel water in your ears just tilt your head downwards and let the water come out.

You can use swimmers ear plug.It helps to stay the water out and not to enter the ears while swimming.

Avoid slapping on ears

It is important for the parents, teachers, elders or anyone who used to slap the child, to know that slapping over the ears may damage the eardrum and leads to infection.


If you feel any type of itching, pain, discharge from the ears, low hearing, dizziness, cough,improper speech, wetness in the ears, decreased hearing due to wax deposition, you should not wait for the it self curing,without any delay you should go to show it to the specialist to get treatment in time and stay your ears healthy.

Using pain killers

If you use pain Killers frequently like naproxen, Ibuprofen, aspirin etc. then you maybe stepping towards hearing loss. These type of pain relievers are ototoxic and as time passes, they poison the ears. When your pain is intolerable then only it is fine to take these medications but taking regularly may cause your ears forever. So it is better to talk to your doctor regarding these medications.


If you are a chainsmoker, you are inviting the ears to get damaged their self. You are at the high risk of hearing loss. As your ears get affected by loud noise, in the same way , the chemical in the smoking items may affect your sound listening ability.

Untreated hearing loss

If you feel that you are not able to hear the sounds properly and feeling and hearing loss and you always postpone your program to go to the doctor and get it checked then you are making a big mistake. Actually you don’t know what it leads to, otherwise you would never make this mistake. Actually, when you don’t get treatment of hearing loss at proper time then it may leads to depression and memory loss.

Balanced diet

As we know, the balanced diet plays an important role to stay fit and healthy. It is also necessary for our ears health. Our hearing ability and the food that we eat have strong relation with each other. As your age grows up, it needs to take healthy diet like fruits, leafy vegetables, dairy products, etc. Taking sound diet today will definitely help you hear better tomorrow.

Do exercises

What are you thinking? How can exercises be helpful in hearing? But it’s true. When we walk, Run, do cycling or go to gym for exercise, all these activities play a crucial role in pumping the blood to your all parts of the body including ears. So the internal parts of your ears stay fit and healthy and keep a distance from all types of hearing problems.

Stress and fear

It is always said by our experience senior citizens not to take much stress. Have faith in God and not to worry about anything. Stress, worry, fear or anxiety have direct relation to tinnitus. If you take lots of stress and future afraid you, it puts a lots of pressure on body heat, flow of blood, nerves of the body and more. This pressure travel towards your inner ear and leads to tinnitus symptoms.

Check up by Specialists

It is important to take care of ears also just like the other parts of the body. So annual hearing consultations are recommended by hearing Healthcare doctors. This will probably help you recognise the symptoms of hearing loss and can take necessary action at right time. Not treating the hearing problem at proper time may lead to other problems like disturbance in relationships, can’t live quality life, may have dementia, depression and other problems.

Ways to get water out from the ears

Normally, water gets out from the ears itself but if it does not drain out on its own, the collected water may lead to your ear infection. Here are some tips to get water out from your ears:

Shake your ears

The first method of taking out water from the ears is to tilt your head downwards towards your shoulder and shake it. It will help in coming the water out.

Lie down

You lie on your side to get water out for few minutes. With this method, water may come out slowly from your ears.

Use hair dryer

Setting lowest your hair dryer, move it in back and forth motion. The warm air may help evaporate the water and get the water out.

Hydrogen peroxide

It’s ear drops help in cleaning ear wax, trapped water or bacteria from the ears. Drop two or three drops of hydrogen peroxide into the affected ear. Wait for 3 to 4 minutes and then tilt the affected ear down words and let the fluid drain out.

Yawning or chewing

Yawning and chewing also help in repelling the water out from your eustachian tubes.

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