Essay-Evils of terrorism


Terrorism is a worldwide problem. A terrorist is a person who tries to create fear and panic among the people to gain his own and generally there are two kinds of terrorism. There is political terrorism which seeks to achieve its political level by creating fear. There is also criminal terrorism which indulge in kidnapping in order to take huge money by way of ransom.

Political terrorism-

Political terrorism is very dangerous. Political terrorists are well organised and well trained. It is typically troublesome for the police to arrest them in time. Political terrorist indulge in senseless killing and violence on large scale. Their aim is to frighten the people and the government. They like to commit robberies the loot banks, try to kill eminent people and shoot down men women and children. In order to make panic they explode bombs and make rumors. Terrorists change their hideouts. Sometimes the hard-core terrorists Kill their associates when arrested.

Terrorists and terrorism-

Terrorists are usually young and old behind them. They co-ordinate and guide the terrorist activities. Terrorists are extremists who act with great zeal. But they are misguided people who are sometimes do not know what they are really acting for. Sometimes terrorists are helped by some foreign agencies in order to create disorder inside the country. In such cases, the terrorists are trained in the use of sophisticated weapons. They are also supplied with money and arms by foreign agencies.

Terrorism: a threat to peace-

Terrorism is threatening peace and security all over the world. As terrorism is an international problem. You can solve it with the help of international cooperation. The countries of the world should not allow terrorist activity against another country. Terrorists have no religion and no faith in human values. There only philosophy is bloodshed for political gains. We need to fight it both political and social. We hope India and the world will come out of this Nightmare in the near future.


Terrorists are known to disregard political boundaries ethics and human values for their own interest. Search groups should not be given patronage by any country. The United Human Rights Commission has adopted a resolution that the sponsored terrorism has emerged as a major threat to international security, India by adopting a form stand has proved that it would not playing to Enemy’s hand.

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