Essential medical tests after the age of 40

All of us want to be fit and fine and live a healthy life. We go to join gym or go for a walk or exercise daily.Still sometimes health complications stand in front of us. Many health problems arise with the increase in age, we can see after 40 years of our age. In the view of point of many specialists we should not be careless and should go for regular check up to the doctor time to time. Some medical tests are given below which are necessary after the age of 40.

CBC test

Complete blood count test examines liver, heart and kidney. This test examine cells in the blood as increase or decrease in cells causes many health problems.

Thyroid test

Thyroid gland makes those hormones which control the metabolism of the body. When it makes more quantity of thyroid hormone, it is called hyperthyroid and less quantity of hormone is called Hypothyroid. This problem is generally more in ladies comparative to gents.

Screening test

Pep Smeer test is done to check cervical cancer. This test is essential after the age of 40-45. Best supplements for infection and swelling in uterus and nerves related to do it.

Breast examination

Of the age of 40, the danger of breast cancer increases so mamography test should be done after every 2 years.

Friends, our consciousness for our body can improve our body fitness point we can get proper medical help if we maintain our regularity in checkup. It is rightly said prevention is better than cure.

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