Four rules regarding sleep to stay healthy and fit

It’s quite true that our bioclock moves according to the nature. Our nature has made the rule of providing rest to us mentally and physically. That’s why as it gets dark we automatically go to sleep.

But there are rules regarding sleep.

How much sleep is must

A newborn baby needs 14 to 18 hours sleep for his growth. However as a child starts growing, he just needs a sleep of 8 and half to 9 and half hours.

A child must go to sleep at night before 9 p. M. Otherwise he or she could face the problem of obesity during his young age. The sleep of 7 to 9 hours is enough for an adult. The persons who sleep less than 6 hours, their life span may decrease.

Why is complete sleep necessary

Complete sleep not only improves our mood, memory and mental ability but also makes our hormonal balance and immunity better. Our hormonal growth happens at the time of sleep. FSH and LH hormones take place at the sleeping time necessary for giving birth. The lack of proper sleep leads to many harmful diseases.

What type of atmosphere is necessary

Light, noice, electronic items etc.are the enemy of deep sleep. If you remain your messages on, on WhatsApp, then it will definitely disturb your sleep. Everything which disturbs your sleep should be kept away while sleeping.

Is day sleep beneficial

If you want a good sleep at night then only 20 to 30 minutes sleep is enough for you in daytime. It gives you freshness for your remaining work. It is essential for you to take sleep in discipline whether it is a holiday or weekend.

If you follow sleeping rules then it will definitely help you remain happy, fit and healthy.

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