Happiness-A healing power

More than 90 countries have accepted the happiness therapy. In this therapy, the doctors nurses and patients boost up positivity through group dancing, laughing and giving Hugs to each other. It helps in speeding up the recovery level.

USA started the first course of positivity in 1998. Now, it has been teaching in more than 50 Institutions like IIT, Howard.

More than hundred researches are going on happiness each year.

  • Everyone feels happiness near nature. Therefore, Japan and many countries take their employees to forest for outing. This help in enhancing their work efficiency.
  • The happiness Origins in Himpocampus part of the brain. It spreads the positivity in the body through neurones. The high flow of neurochemical dopamine in our brain increases positivity. On the other hand, if it slows down, it creates negativity. According to scientists, milk, banana and poultry products help in increasing the flow of dopamine.
  • The level of happiness is more at the age of 16 to 18 according to the scientists.
  • The Stanford University scanned the brain of 7 to 10 years children and study that positivity develop the efficiency of understanding maths and solving problems.
  • Positive thinkers are great interactors. They get more opportunities to lead at workplace or society.
  • The research of Boston University says that the efficiency of positive thinkers is 72% more and they get 58% more opportunities of getting success.
  • According to Preston University research, they live their married life happily so the chances of getting divorce is decreased.

The Howard University research tells that happiness increase immunity by 52%. The health problems like heart attack decreased by 39%. It also expands our life span up to 8 years.

  • Matthew Rekard is the most happiest person of the world. On the basis of his own study of 45 years, he has told the five ways to remain happy.
  1. In spite of thinking of yourself, help others and donate to needy people make you feel happy.
  2. Stretch your both hands up side after every hour. It loses the muscles and activate the dopamine flow.
  3. Smiling pictures of your Well wishers and children keep with you and whenever you feel sad, give a minute look to it. It decreases your stress.
  4. If you feel nervous, then try to laugh, opening of your mouth activates the happiness nerves.
  5. Chocolate and walnut have polyphenols which activate the happiness part of your brain.

The research of the Pennsylvania State University says that everyone should read and share positive news 5 to 10 minutes daily. If you do so, we feel recharged whole day and complete our work energetically.

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