Headache- it is the symptom of many problems, don’t ignore it

Headache is that problem which is experienced by everyone. But the problem just looks smaller but it leads to some serious problem in some situations. Headache is given less importance for medical advice already. We used to take painkiller so just think if we sleep, we will be alright.

There are many causes of headache as tension, don’t take food in time, less sleep, spend more time in sunlight, stress upon eyes or dehydration. If you feel vomiting, double vision or dizziness with headache then it should not be avoided. We should consult the doctor immediately.


Migraine put effects on one side of the face. We can feel vomiting with headache in this case. The cause of migraine is not clear yet but it can increase if we sit in the sun for long hours or high noise or smell can lead to the problem.


if you have migraine then don’t sit in the sun. Keep yourself away from the direct sunlight, keep yourself away from the noisy place and don’t use perfumes or talcum powder with high smell.


In this problem, the protective membranes of brain and spinal cord gets swelling. In meningitis we have clamps in neck, vomiting and fever. It’s infection begins from the base of the brain that’s why it pains on the back of the head.


Do brain exercises, always think positive, negative thinking also leads to many problems related to brain.


The breakdown of flow of blood in the brain leads to stroke. It leads to Paralysis. Head pain with Crackles, difficulty in speaking, epilepsy are the signs of stroke. If you see any of the symptoms then without any delay consult your doctor.

Brain tumors

Headache may also be the sign of tumor. When an ordinary cells increase in the tissues of the brain, one can have brain tumor. According to the different situations of the tumor in the brain, its symptoms are also different likelo eyesight, difficulty in speaking, numbness just like paralysis. Headache due to brain tumor may be more painful while bending, coughing, sneezing and waking up in the morning.

Brain aneurysm

This is blood vessel swelling which is due to the shrinking in head trauma.These type of patients may have thunderclap headache which is responsible for unbearable headache. The patient may have difficulty in speaking,low eyesight and pain in neck. It is advised to take medical test immediately.

Acupressure Therapy

This therapy reduces pain and depression.

  • When you feel headache, take hot compresses on your head. It will improve blood circulation and make you feel relaxed.
  • Depression is also responsible for headaches so stretch your neck and Shoulder to feel good.
  • Ginger is also helpful in headache. Take a cup of ginger tea and rest for an hour.
  • Have a massage on your head and eyes with your fingers point Acupressure Therapy effectively give relief from pain.
  • Sometimes, we have headache due to empty stomach. So have healthy food. You may get relief.

Friends, don’t ignore your headache and never take it lightly. If you are not feeling ok even after taking many remedies then immediately consult the doctor.

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