Some benefits that no one knows about drinking hot water

Everyone of us know the benefits of drinking water. But if we drink hot water instead of cold then we obviously get miracle results. As we know that our body temperature is 37 degree Celsius so Ice cold water is not favourable to our body. So if you drink hot water in winters only then start drinking it in summers. Let’s know the uses of drinking hot water.

  • Effect of cold water on our body-According to research of European journal of Pharmaceutical and medicine, cold water leads to the shrinking of blood vessels that affects the digestive system of our body. A body gets busy in normalising the body temperature instead of digesting food. The fat starts gathering in our body if we take cold water just after eating.

Correct method of drinking water-

  1. We should drink two glasses of hot water when we wake up in the morning. We can add a lemon juice also in hot water.
  2. We should take a glass of hot water before and after walking and exercise. It gives better results.
  3. Try to take hot water in day time instead of night.
  • Helpful in decreasing weight– According to a study of National Library of medicine and natural Institute of Health in America published in 2003, the rate of metabolism increase by 40% if we drink hot water which is 10% more in comparison to cold water. Hot water also helps in losing weight.
  • Helpful in controlling depression-According to a study published in the year 1997 in general psychopharmalogy, hot water, hot tea or hot coffee help in getting out of depression as its hotness helps in making mood better.
  • Hot water has many advantages-It clarifies the blood and detoxify the body naturally. It digest food easily. It lessens the Arthritis pain. Our skin brightens as it takes out the poisonous elements from our body. It also cleans up our nose and ears.
  • Useful for digestive system-Cold water leads to blockages in our body. It can also lead to gathering fat in our intestine that results in Cancer. So if you drink hot water then there is no chance of getting of fat in our body or any blockages. We will have a better digestive system.

Friends, to keep our body fit and fine is in our own hands. So it is important for all of us to take exercise daily and start drinking hot water instead of cold.

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