How life has been changed in the past 60 years.

Our life has changed drastically in past 60 years. From clothes to jobs helps to wealth everything has been changed. Somethings are degraded on the other hand some things are upgraded. 60 years before climate was not like that it is now. Now a days we often hears hole in Ozone that allows ultraviolet rays to come and global warming has also been increased. 60 years back people don’t have anything to do but now we are too busy. You don’t even have time for us. Many factors according to time has been changed some are given below.


Technology has developed by many folds. 50 years ago there were no Smartphones and no computers like now busy today. Very few people had cars. But nowadays almost every 19 of 20 people have vehicle standing at the home. There were no colour television. Think how difficult it would be to live without TV’s , phones etc. But now we also have driverless cars, hotel in which only robots are employed. 50 years ago it was unimaginable.


Pollution has been increased tremendously. Specially in Delhi capital of India. We are not able to see stars at night but before we were able to. The main reason behind increasing pollution is deforestation. The reason behind deforestation is humans and their green and their rising population. The Other main reason is increase in number of vehicles on roads. But 50 years ago, word “pollution” was not known. So, there is urgent need for controlling it.


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Population has also been increased by many folds. It is increasing at alarming rate. For more people more food is required and for more food more cultivation is required and for more cultivation more land is required and land is required and for more land the deforestation is required. overall leading to pollution which is a big threat to human life. India is the most densely populated country. The reason behind is illiteracy and no proper family planning. Making 28% of India’s population poor. Poverty can be controlled only by reducing the birth rate.

Medical science

Medical science has become very much advance in the past 60 years. Now almost every disease has a cure. Advancement in medical science has led to increase in life expectancy. Earlier Health Care Centres were not available in rural areas but now, they are almost available in everything 3.4 kilometer square.


It has also been changed drastically in past 60 years. 60 years ago, environment was clean and clear but now situation has been changed. What was said to be polluted earlier, is not said to be clean. That time air was some sort of remedy that help people to cure their health problems but now it has become a major factor for increase in diseases. There are number of diseases caused by polluted air. Which includes asthama, respiration problems, lung cancer, cardiovascular problems etc. There are number of factors that are degrading air quality. Like combustion of fossil fuels, smoke from industries and cars etc. It can only be prevented by making every one aware of air pollution and making aware them of ways that can reduce air pollution so that we can roam freely in a city without our air masks.


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It is one of the most liquid thing in the past years. More than 90% of the people have changed their thinking. Many of them have forgotten their customs. But this has many pros and cons. Some people think that they have done right and Customs are useless on the other hand aged group think that the new generation is wrong and are forgetting their origin.

Some people think in a other way, they follow their customs as well as new trend. They have up to date mind.

Earlier, people for business is better than jokes. Now people think that jobs are better than business. Specially, people think women jobs are just because they provide everything in some cases.


60 years ago, the People’s priorities was business. But now the situation has been changed. Earlier the meaning of word “job” was servent and they were paid less comparatively to their efforts. But now job is treated as a good occupation. They are also paid according to their efforts and work. Now there are many white collared jobs that are highly paid.


Our lifestyle has also been changed in the past 60 years. From houses to slippers everything has been changed. Earlier women spends her most of the time in domestic works. But now they also economically productive. They work in factories, offices, banks, schools, colleges, companies etc. The status of women has also been improved. With the advancement in technology the efforts made by of women has been decreased. They have washing machines for washing clothes, dishwasher for washing utensils, vacuum cleaner for cleaning the house and many electronic products for cooking the food. Income of family has also been improved and many people are living lavishly in their day to day life. Internet has also helped the people to increase their income.


Earlier it was difficult for people to educate their child but now many education centres or schools are open in every 5 km square. It helped the countries to increase the literacy rate. Education made the people skilled and that helped the people to increase their income and with the increase in their income their lifestyle is also improved. Earlier education was mainly focused in history and political study but now it has also been focused on science and Math. Now there are many ways in which a student can be helped for doing education. Internet has made it possible for a child to study at home without any tutor. Now a student can ask his doubts on internet which saves his time very much.


Earlier internet was not accessible but now most of are familiar with it. The cost of internet was also very high in previous time but now it has become affordable to most of the people. To use internet you should have a computer which cost very high but now you can run internet on a $100 phone. The size of computer was also very big but that time the size of the computer decreased. Previously, it require a floppy disk to store 1 MB but now you can store 1TB of data in a flash drive.


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In earlier time, it took a very large time to transport things from place to another. Now it takes very less time to travel from one place to another. Now we have aeroplanes that have a speed of 1000 km per hour but that time it was unimaginable. Earlier it was expensive to travel from one place to another because transportation facilities was less and their demand was more and the people of that time do not have vehicles.


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Earlier people was not able to keep their self updated but now with the passage of time internet spread. Due to internet, we are able to keep ourselves updated with the latest news but that was not possible in the earlier time because there was no means of communication but now they are various means for communication. Now we have news channels and we can see live news. Internet also helps to spread news. The media has become powerful why various government facilities and there right to speech.

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