How much of my body’s energy my brain use?

You will be surprised knowing that our brain is only about 2 percent of our body’s weight but it uses 20 % of total energy consumed by our body making it most energy consuming organ of our body.
It’s surprising, I know.
It has a power of 100 watts. That mean it consumes 100 joules/second; 6000 joules in 1 minute; 360,000 joules in 1 hour; 8640000 joules in 1 day; 259,200,000 joules in 1 month; 94,608,000,000 joules were consumed in a year.
Brain is that the most significant organ in our body.
It commands other organs, tissues, even cells. Brain is even used in walking. Brain is always on. It is even working while sleeping. Therefore, it uses highest amount of energy in our body.
What prevents our brain from injuries?

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Answer: it is shielded by 22 bones. Giving absolute protection.
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