How to take care of our digestive system and proper food for it

Digestive system can be properly maintained by our proper eating habits. It is necessary to improve digestion for good health. So let’s know how to take care of stomach health naturally.

Normally, the problem of indigestion, constipation and feeling of heaviness in stomach is seen. Eating habits and quantity of nutrients taken are the main cause of the problem.

The lack of fibres and probiotic food items are also responsible for stomach issues. If you want your stomach to work in proper way without taking medicine then take care of the following things.

Limited oil consumption

Taking oily foods lead to low digestion that create the constipation problem. So it is advised to take full of fibre food in spite of oil. Fried food can be taken once in a month. It will help in your proper digestion.

Necessary bacteria

Probiotics are the natural bacteria present in our digestive system. This bacteria fight with the less benefit food taken by us and maintain our health. It is beneficial in improving our immunity. Sources of probiotics are

Cottage cheese

Sour pickle




Change food habits

Never take food while watching TV or using mobile. Sit first and then have food point to the food properly and take small bites. Escape from preservatives, processed food, caffeine and refined sugar.

Don’t take cold water or drinks after meal. definite your food timings and have daily according to it. Bring water when you wake up and then go to fresh. Have water after an hour after eating meal. It is important to drink water slowly just like tea and coffee.

Have food at proper intervals

do not take food in heavy quantity. Have it in small quantities 3 to 5 times a day. We advise to have something in the intervals of 2 to 3 hours.

Right time of food

Digestion activities are strong in day time so take lunch in between 12: 00 p. M. To 2: 00 p. M. Take curd or buttermilk in lunch instead of dinner. The right time for dinner is before 8: 00 p. M.

Food that are good for digestion



Fennel seeds





Fresh juice


Green vegetables


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