Importance of Health insurance

“Importance of Health insurance”

Nowadays no one knows what will happen next so, there is a great need for making us safe. What is that?

Health insurance can insure a good health to us. It can provide us money when we need it urgently.

Health of the the person is the most important asset a person have. We all know that there is a great importance of Health. If you are not healthy you become a liability for your family and country. I know, no one wants to become a burden to anyone. So for your good health and for your good family we all need to be healthy. Who can ensure us good health for life time. Perhaps no one could.

Health insurance also cannot ensure you good health but is capable enough to pull you out of disease and make you healthy once again. So, be sure that if you want to be healthy, do get a health insurance for yourself.

Health insurance is another name of “health ensurance” that means it will ensure good health to you. Don’t think that taking Health insurance is a trend or fashion, it is a need. So there is a great importance of Health insurance.

Health is wealth

Don’t forget that phrase that we all have heard in our childhood. It is obviously true. If you are healthy you can achieve anything else there is no difference between you and non living things. If you are unhealthy you are not able to move and non living things are also like you they also can’t move. A person with good health can be more efficient that unhealthy. You would think why I telling you the things which you already know. We all know these things but we don’t try to focus on these small things. Health makes a man complete. Sir Hawkin Stephen was paralyzed but if he was not like that he would have completed his researches. Remember that There is nothing more important than health.

HOW Health Insurance can ensure good health

Health insurance have a capability to provide you good health. If you are only earnings in your family then your family is dependent on you and if something happened to you they would be in a great trouble. Health insurance can provide money that can help you to heal or can help your family members to fullfill their requirements. For example a pERSON A met with an accident he dont have enough money for his treatment but if he had a life insurance. Then insurance company would pay for his treatment.

How can a person get a health insurance

Getting health insurance is now very simple. A person can get health insurance by paying premium per month or year. you can get your health insurance online also. READ ALL THE DOCUMENTS CAREFULLY BEFORE TAKING HEALTH INSURANCE. another way is you can call an agent of an insurance company by searching his number on google. he will come to your home and will tell you all the steps required.

Types of health insurance

Accidental cover

When you take accidental cover Health Insurance, it covers all types of accidents. When you get injured in some accident then the company pays you monthly or lump sum amount. This type of insurance has very less premium. It covers

Medical expenses

It covers the expenses of hospitalization, Nursing Home bills and doctors service.

Disability income

when the injured person is not able to go at work for the long period we can see here then this insurance replaces the income lost. The family members have not to suffer economically during the period.

Critical illness

This insurance covers the expenses on critical illness like cancer Heart Attack, tumor etc. Is the policy holder has taken the policy of 25 lakh and his problem comes under critical illness then the company pays him lump sum of 25 lakh rupees when he is hospitalized so that he comfortably pays his Hospital expenses. Only proof of diagnose is to be given to the company for claim.


It covers the hospitalization expenses like hospital, doctors and medicines expenses. The policyholder gets this claim whenever he gets hospitalized for more than one day. The insurance premium is dependent on the sum assured value.

Health Insurance claim settlement process

In most cases the insurance companies appoint a third party administrator(TPA) for claims processing. That means once the health insurance policy is sold, all the responsibility of dealing with the claim processing passes to the TPA. There are two ways by which health insurance claims are settled:

1. Cashless-for availing cashless treatment the TPA has to be notified in advance or within the time limit. The insurance desk at hospitals usually helps with all paperwork. The claim amount need to be approved by the TPA and the hospital settles the amount with the TPA.

“Importance of Health insurance”

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