Mind blowing Benefits of lemon

Lemon is the most healthiest fruit in the world known for the good source of vitamin C. It is used with herbs and spices to enhance the flavour.

Its juice is used to flavour salad dressings, various types of drinks, various desserts, many types of sauces, cooked vegetables, cereals, fried rice and on many other food items.

Lemon juice is beneficial in case of nausea and the long way travelling in order to feel fresh.

Squeezed one lemon juice in a glass of warm water empty stomach in the morning is quite beneficial for improving your metabolism rate.

The people who drink a lemon juice in a glass of water regularly get the glowing face forever. Their face always get protected from dark spots, blemishes, pimples, acne and pigmentation.

Here are 9 mind blowing benefits of lemon ๐Ÿ‹

Lemon benefits

1. Lemon Helps in Burning Calories

Do you know my friends , if you drink lemon water daily it will help in boosting your metabolism. A metabolic process happens in a body in which the calories of the body are burned and produce heat by drinking lemon water regularly. As a result it leads to weight loss.

2. Lemon Water Helps in Digestion

Lemon is a well-known citrus fruit rich in vitamin C has numerous health benefits. Lemon juice plays a vital role in better digestion.

Drinking lemon juice in a glass of warm water helps you reducing the weight quickly by increasing metabolic rate and hence digestion. Lemon water helps in maintaining your digestive health.

3. Lemon Water is Liver Cleansing Tonic

Lemon water acts as a detoxifying agent which helps in cleaning your liver effectively. It helps the liver in flushing out all the toxins from the body and protects your body from deficiencies in immune system.

lemon benefits

4. Lemon water is helpful in cold and cough

Lemon water is miracle drink if you have cough and cold. It has many medicinal properties. Drinking lemon juice in hot water with a spoon of honey mixed in it is quite useful for you in cough and cold.

5. Lemon helps in getting rid of skin infections

Lemon is really a miracle fruit. It acts as a miracle medicine for your skin. Due to its antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties it helps you in getting rid of any type of skin infection. Using lemon juice on your skin protects you from every type of skin problem.

6. Lemon Water Helps in Hydrating the Body

Nutritionists say that 91 ounces per day is important for women and 125 ounces for men. This you get from the water, foods having water and various types of drinks.

Water itself is the the best drink for hydrating the body. But if you add lemon juice in water, it will enhance the taste and you may drink more. It is necessary for everyone to drink 8 to 12 glasses of water everyday.

7. Easily Available Source of Vitamin C

Lemon, a citrus fruit is easily available all over the world which is the good source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant which helps in common cold, cardiovascular diseases, lowering blood pressure, reduces the risk of stroke and also helps in protecting the cells from damaging the free radicals. An adult may have 4to5 lemon juices in a day.

You can drink lemon Juice by adding in water, squeezing lemon juice over your salad, adding lemon juice to your vegetables while eating food. There are various methods to use lemon juice to get benefited from its nutrients.

lemon benefits

8. Lemon protects your skin from wrinkles

Lemon has potential to protect your skin from the problem of wrinkles which are the sign of aging. Nowadays various types of creams are available in the market for reducing wrinkles but when you use them you don’t get any benefits, your money get wasted and you feel very much heartbroken.

When you use lemon water on your skin regularly you will see that the wrinkles on your face are getting reduced and the texture of your skin also gets lighten and brighten. Lemon don’t let your skin loose moisture and have wrinkles on your skin.

9. Lemon Helps in Keeping Immune System Better

Lemon water helps to protect your body from the deficiencies in immune system. Immune system is the natural defence system in your body. It defends your body against invaders. These attackers include parasites, fungus, bacteria, everything in the body that can make you sick.

Better immune system attack and destroy all those substances which are harmful for the body. So keeping the immune system better it is necessary to drink lemon water regularly. It is the most easiest and cheapest way to keep your immune system in a better position.

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