Organ donation – one dead body can save life of 18 living person

All of us love our life. We do everything whatever we like. Everyone try to give every type of care to their Loved Ones. I think for our parents, children and Well wishes. Have you ever thought of others? Very few people are there in the world who think for others. We see so many social workers around us but how many of them are seriously and heartly doing their duty.

We read about many people who really take care of others. Some are providing food to poor, distributing cycles to needy school going girls, filling the pits of the roads, feeding and taking care of dogs, Hospitalising the accidentors, donating the flood victims, providing tiffins to The aged persons who are alone, free teaching to poor children, donate in Prime Minister’s relief fund and so on.

God always hold their hands who have pity in their heart for others.

We have seen many persons donating their eyes after their death or donating kidney to the relative but isn’t it the best to donate your organs after the death. What do we have to do with them if we wouldn’t alive. Thousands of people lose their life in accidents or any of the organ got damaged. They lose their eye sight or legs or arms or feet etc.

Living person can donate their one kidney, a lung, pancreas, intestine or a portion of their liver. Deceased person can donate two kidneys, two lungs, liver, intestine, pancreas, heart, face and hands. It is said that an organ donator can save the lives of 18 people from his organs, tissues and skin.

The advancement of modern medical science has made the organs possible to transplant. The person who needs the organ or tissue get it transplanted from the another person through the surgical process. Unfortunately, there is a need of organ donator much more than who actually donate.

According to the government data, only 5, 000 kidney transplantation is possible in a year because of less donators. The actual need of kidney donation is 1. 5 lacs. In the same manner 20000 liver donators are essential but there are five thousand only. 1. 5 Lakh cornea transplantation is necessary but only 25, 000 can happen in a year. The government is preparing infrastructure in order to enhance organ donation so that people could be aware of organ donation and lessen the deaths due to unavailability of organs.

It is said that a braindead person even can donate his organs and save the life of 8 persons.

It is necessary for the government to ease the process of donating the organs. The other countries have put up the options of donating organs while making the driving licence. If someone opt the option, he becomes the organ donater.Our infrastructure and system should be there so that the persons willing to donate can donate easily. Every person could know how, where, when we donate our organs.

We should take a pledge that none of the organ needy person die due to unavailability of organ. We need to spread awareness regarding organ donation.

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