Proper Essay on population growth

One major problem that faces the world today is the Rapid growth of population, open referred to as population explosion.Until concerning 800 AD the world’s population stayed below two hundredmillion since then it’s up dramatically.The Rise has been greatest within the twentieth century.The population has recently risen to about 8 billion.It is 3 times as giant as it was in 1960.It is not so much the actual population as its rate of increase that is alarming. Experts predict that by 2020 there will be about 10 billion people, causing serious problems of Hunger, overcrowding and environmental pollution.

Role of medicine

this enormous increase of population is due to better food, better hygiene and above all the advance made in medicine. Rapid development in modern medicine have conquered many diseases and consequently the death rate is decreased. Until the beginning of 19 century most people died before the age of 50. Today in developing countries the average lifespan has risen to more than 70 years. The population goes on rising at an alarming rate in spite of the practice of birth control in many parts of the world. Thomas Malthus, a British mathematician and economics, when to extent of declaring that is unchecked, human population would grow in geometric progression why food production could only grow in arithmetic progression. He was of course very Pessimistic.

Second most populated country

With apopulation of over 1 billion India is the second most populous country in the world. India’s population has risen drastically since 1950. the population today is three times as large as it was in 1950. It is rising by 3% per year and is consequence every year and extra 26 million people have to be provided for. Government is taking measures to check the population growth and a large percentage of people that is birth control. Recent advances in farming have made the country productive enough to feed the large population. For the increase of population may have disasters affect their seems to be some truth in the statement made by Julian semen of University of England. According to him, although population growth means they will be more months to feed, they will be ‘more hands to work and more ways to think’.

Cropping a problems

The alarming growth of population in India has created a large number of problems. The food for the population is enough due to 2 reasons. The agricultural has increased and about 10 crore vanvasis(forest dwellers) do not consume conventional food grains and edible oils. Is a stain themselves on forest Hills, fish, animals, roots and leaves. It is a world that a town inhabitant cannot imagine of.


The rise in population in the backward countries was in the interest of the developed countries. As a rich politician can purchase votes of these ignorant poor a rich country purchases the interest of a backward countries. A big country like India has the status of a beggar in the world economy. We are proud of begging and securing loans. While the people are cursed under the line of poverty the government has to keep 70% of the budget for interest on foreign loans.

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