13 easiest ways to protect your eyes from smartphone rays

Most of the people in the world are having smartphones. No doubt, smartphone is the need of today. But everything has pros and cons. Smartphone screen has HEV light (blue light) in higher amount which has the ability of damaging the living tissues.

Do you feel headache frequently? Are you suffering from dry eyes or tired eyes? Are you noticing dark circles around your eyes? All these can be just because of staring at mobile screen for too long.

It might not be possible to stay away from mobile or computer but certain precautions can be taken to minimise the bad effects of mobile rays on your eyes like frequently blinking, 20 20 20 rule, using h e v protective glasses, adjust brightness, minimising glaring time, having food beneficial for eyes, exercises and so on.

Here are given some tips for Eye Care from mobile. You just have to do little bit of changes in your habits of using mobile.

Blinking frequently

Blinking frequently is the most easiest way to reduce irritation and dryness of the eyes which has been caused by HEV rays. your eyes blink naturally but when you lost in mobile then you forget to blink.

Your attention towards the mobile affects the natural blinking frequency by 50 to 70%. If you are really worried about your eye health then don’t forget to blink while busy with your mobile.

Follow 20-20-20 rule

You all want your eyes to be healthy so after every 20 minutes of working on mobile or computer, blink your eyes 10 times for 20 seconds and look away at the distant object for 20 seconds OK, it will help in keeping your eyes wet.

Continuous glaring at screen may dry your eyes or your eyes may feel tired or irritated. So this is the best way to apply 20 -20 -20 rule and protect your eyes from various problems.

Use HEV protective glasses

People constantly clear at screen either it is the television screen ,your computer screen or mobile screen. Your eyes spend lots of time on these man made objects having blue light. Continuously looking into the blue light or HEV light is really harmful for eye health and can lead to serious eye problems.

Too much exposure to blue light may damage the retina cells. Digital eye strain is increasing day by day. This problem causes tiredness, dryness, irritation in the eyes headache and Blurred vision. All these problems are just due to h e v light.

HEV light protective glasses have been designed to block wavelengths in which blue light exists. The lens filters don’t allow blue light to reach the eye. These glasses are designed to keep in mind the protection of your eyes from dryness, retina damage, irritation and headaches.

Adjust proper brightness

To keep your eyes perfect, it is essential to adjust proper brightness of your device. Too dark or too Bright screen put stress on your eyes. Simply go to the settings and adjust the brightness same as the level of light in the environment around you.

The proper brightness reduces the strain on your eyes to the greater extent. So without any delay, check the brightness of your mobile so that you don’t strain your eyes meaninglessly.

Minimise the glazing time on your screen

This is also the best option of protecting your precious eyes from getting damaged through the blue light. It is better to take breaks after every 20 minutes for 20 seconds. Look at the things 20 feet away during intervals, it relaxes your eye muscles and help up in refocusing on your screen in better way.

Do eye exercises

Eye exercises have been known for natural care of vision. Digital eye strain is common all around the world as people have to work on computers all day.

There are few simple exercises which may help you in ameliorating digital eye strain symptoms like dryness, headache, irritation and tiredness. You can learn eye exercises from YouTube.

Keep the screen of your mobile clean

Clean screen plays a vital role in minimising stress on your eyes. It is no doubt hygienic also. Dust, fingerprints, images, crime, make up marks may not allow your eyes to look at the screen properly. This will disturb your eyes and can put lots of strain on them.

Cleaning mobile screen is an easy task. Just use dry washed cloth to clean the screen everyday. Make it a habit.

Adjust the proper text size

Two small text may become the hurdle in properly reading the content on your phone and also put strain on your eyes. Take care of your eyes, they are precious, you see the beautiful word and colours with them.

So before reading the article or contents on your smartphone, adjust the proper size of the text which is comfortable for your eyes and it will definitely reduce the strain on your eyes.

Regular eye check up

It is essential to go to eye specialist for routine checkup. Be sure to tell the specialist how much time you spend on your mobile or computer.

Use eye drops

When you will visit your eye specialist, he will definitely prescribe you the eye drops to protect your eyes from dryness. Lubricating eye drops without preservatives are the best option.

Choose the best eyeglasses

If you wear eye glasses, then ask the optometrist for the contact lenses which are specially designed for screen work. Lens coating on your glasses might be helpful for you in reducing eye strain.

Consuming supplements

Natural products like Omega 3 fatty acids, bilberry extract may be helpful in reducing eye strain symptoms. Some supplements are also available in the market for protection against eye strain but it is better to consult the specialist before consuming.

Food for good eyesight

It’s true that Healthy lifestyle can decrease the risk of having eye strain while working on mobile or computer screen. Age-related decline in eyesight may be reduced by 25% with an egg nutrients having Vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, copper, beta carotene, Omega 3 fatty acids and bilberry extract.

Food helpful in protecting your eye health are fish, walnut, lentils, cashews, flax seeds, Chia seeds, lemon, grapefruits, oranges, spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, beef, eggs and plenty of water. These food help you in reducing the symptoms of eye strain and eye dryness.

Bottom line

Use HEV light protective glasses whenever you use smartphone to get protected from its rays and go to the eye specialist for routine checkup.

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