Self help is the best help

Self help is a great quality of a man. It is a pillar of success. Every man should believe in self help. Spoon feeding can’t make a man successful. Self help makes a man Fearless. It adds to his confidence. It makes him confident, too.

Self dependence-a man of self help depends upon himself. he does not look to others for help. He may suffer in life. But he never loses patience. He is hero 1 by nature. Difficulties do not fatal him. Hardships cannot stop him from going ahead. So his life is a life of adventures. Such a man accept challenges in life. He has endless determination and courage. He/she has a Fighting Spirit in himself. He knows how to make way in life.

Fatalist-How many people who believe in luck there life to depend upon chance and Faith. They do not depend upon themselves. Such persons have no self confidence. They are always Shaky and undecided. They think that their faith is responsible for the rise of all. Their full faith in Faith makes them Idol. They remain inactive and look forward to success through their luck. But fate is nothing. It is a total effect of our action. It is because of our action that we fail or succeed.

Self help and life

A man who is independent faces life borli and fearlessly. He/she is full of courage even during the day of his sorrow. He tries to find out lessons from varied experiences of life. Failures cannot discourage him. He is a picture of courage and confidence. People praise him, worship him and speak vastly of his qualities.

Great Heroes of history created their fortunes by their own efforts. There are many examples of such persons. They went on struggling in life. They became successful in the end. Gandhiji followed the principle of truth and nonviolence. Independent upon himself. People started following him later on.

But a self made person mustn’t be proud. . He need not be overconfident. He should not grow selfish. He/she be kind and helping to others. Only then he becomes a helpful member of societ

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