Some very harmful consequences of drinking less water

Major part of our body is composed of water. Although we know the health benefits of water, still we don’t drink enough water. Lack of water comes in the form of dehydration that causes tiredness,thirst, headache, rough skin, in digestion , constipation, joint pain, smell from mouth, decreased urine, dizziness, dry mouth, body ache and so on.

A person should strictly drink 8 to 12 glasses of water daily or we can say 2 to3 litres of water and go for urine 7 to 10 times a day to help toxins out of the body.

If we don’t drink enough water that our body needs then it may harm our body and it can lead to many harmful diseases.

Premature aging

Insufficient drinking of water affects our skin cells. when they are not get hydrated , decreases elasticity of the skin leads to rough skin and gives old age impression due to wrinkles and fine lines.

Anti aging treatments

Not drinking and adequate amount of water results in wasting money on anti aging treatments. We need to buy expensive creams for blistering soft and supple skin.

Skin disorders

Dehydration creates problems like Eczema, Psoriasis wrinkles. Due to decrease in metabolic rate, the body could not flush out toxins properly.


If you drink less water, the quantity of blood in the body decreases as well as less amount of oxygen reaches to the body parts. As a result, our body feels tiredness.

Mood upset

Many researches tell that lack of water in the body leads to mood upset. Even one to two percent of lack of water in body upsets our mood which leads to feeling bad and we cannot take care our family members well.


Dehydration is also responsible for headache. Long time dehydration creates problem with capacity of thinking.

Lack of moisture

Saliva in our mouth moists our nose, mouth and eyes that is not possible without water.

Joint pain

We see many persons around us suffering from joint pain it can be due to the less intake of water. Joints need 80% of water which is impossible without drinking essential amount of water.

In digestion

Acidity, constipation, digestive problems are just due to less intake of water so we all should take care of taking enough water that our body needs.

Stomach ache

The process of passing of urine and stool needs a lot of water otherwise one can have the problem of stomach ache.

Blood pressure

Blood becomes thick due to lack of water which creates blood pressure problems. Low blood pressure is responsible for dizziness.

Kidney damage

We all know that fluid in our body is regulated by kidney. Insufficient water leads to kidney stones.

Increases pain

Not drinking enough water leads to pain in the body. Lack of water decreases blood flow to the skin and causes cramp muscles.

Bad breath

In proper amount of water also leads to bad breath. Bad smell comes out of the mouth while speaking which gives a very bad impression in front of others.

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