TB is becoming common and how to prevent yourself

Our irregular lifestyle is directly an invitation to TB. Even the people who keep away from intoxication can also be its victim.

Normally, we think that the people who are economically weak or chainsmoker or who are indulge in drinking are only the sufferer of tuberclosis but its not true. It is just an illusion among us. The truth is the change in Lifestyle, eating habits, carelessness and air pollution can make anyone the victim of it.

The bacteria name mycobacterium tuberculosis causes TB. This bacteria can infect anyone but the persons with less immunity can easily be its sufferer. Perhaps, this is the reason that’s why it is mostly seen in children, aged, AIDS patient and malnourished child.

Spreads fast in populated areas-The bacteria of TB spreads due to infection. The more density of population and air pollution are responsible for its unfurl. It also Lays out easily in small houses with more persons. This bacteria goes through the breathing to the lungs. Sometimes, if anybody have the hole in the curtain of the ear then its bacteria go through the hole into the brain which leads to the Brain TB.

Types of TB

It depends on the bacteria that in which part of the body, it is growing. The body part in which it is developing can have TB. Such as lungs TB, stomach TB, spinal cord TB, brain TB,intestine TB, granuloma etc.


Minor fever for long time

Cough for last 15 days or more

Blood in cough

Weight loss

Pain in chest

No hunger

Problem in breathing

If a child is having a knot near neck, it also may have its symptom. Normally, a child don’t have any pain in these knots. If someone has spinal cord TB then he can see the swelling on it. TB can even twist the backbone.

Symptoms of TB can be different according to the affected area.


The full treatment of 6 months is necessary in case of TB. The medicines show its effect after some days so the patient should not leave the course of medicine without completing it. If he does so then the result is harmful. The patient may have MDR-TB. The people should keep distance from this type of patients otherwise they also can have MDR TB.

That’s why it is advised not to leave the medicine before completing the course.


  • Be aware of the cleanliness
  • Don’t spit anywhere
  • if you need to speak, Spit on tissue paper and throw it in into the dustbin
  • Keep distance from smokers
  • Don’t smoke
  • Keep distance from TB affected persons
  • Have food full of nutrients
  • Maintain your immunity
  • Do exercise regularly
  • Do not share drinks

Well said”prevention is better than cure”

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