The importance and use of leisure

It is said that work is worship. But we cannot always work like machines.Even machine stop working they need oiling and repairing. We know the proverb “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. So we must have leisure. That gives us mental and physical energy. It removes the dullness of our life. In fact, leisure is essential for a happy and healthy life. There was a time when people did not realise the importance of leisure in factories and business house.Now our society ensures leisure to people.

Avoid being idle

But simply to have leisure is not enough. We should not be idle during leisure hours. In fact, very few people know how to make proper use of leisure. Labourers often get drunk during leisure. Even educated man spend the time in playing cards or in gossiping only. There are some people who sleep in their leisure hours. This is not the use of leisure but the abuse of it.

Use of leisure

We must make use of leisure. We should not waste it. You may spend the leisurein right way. We may spend it in reading, travelling, hunting or in sports. We may have long walks and hold picnic. Those who are iinterested in fine arts may utilise their leisure hours in satisfying their taste. Some people have interest in music, painting or drama. I sing the song of Mohammad Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar in leisure hours. Thus leisure hours may be utilised for pleasure.

Value of leisure

In India we do not understand the value of leisure. We do not know how to make the right use of time. People are often over worked. But there are many people who have too much pleasure. Most of the farmer remain idle for most part of the year. In towns, people sometimes have no leisure. They work like machines, poverty compels them to go on working without leisure. This is not good either for the body or for the mind. But in the western countries, people have no work on weekends. Being refreshed, they return to work and they work with the greater amount of energy.

Leisure is very important in our life. It gives us a joy leisure after hard and dull jobs gives us relief. In fact holidays are as important as working days. You must use our leisure for pleasure and comfort. Modern man is always busy and tense. He has no time which he makes all his own. There is a time for everything, there is a time for work and there should be a time for play it is rightly said:

work while you work

Play while you play.

That is the way

To be happy and gay.’

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