There is an urgent need for stopping terrorism

Recently, in India a terrorist killed 40 soldiers which made India suddenly shocked. The terrorist was from Pakistan and it was an unexpected and cruel activity which was not supposed to be done. Whole India is filled with fire in their heart. Let’s pray for the soldiers and their families, may God help them and they may live in peace.

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Nowadays a new type of pollution is emerging in our society that is mind pollution. The terrorists pollute the mind of other people to make them terrorists. Now this practice should be stop immedialtely. We all should fight against it to control the situation. Only discussions will not be able to finish terrorism. We all have to fight against it. It is not only the work of government but also our responsibility to contribute our part against terrorism.

We all know, where are terrorists, we know their exact location so why are we sitting idle. Let us spread this anger throughout the world so that terrorism could come to an end.

Think for the families of the soldiers. They lost their family member but then also they want their child to become a soldier. Let’s salute this astonishing thinking.

We all are safe only because of our soldiers. It is our duty to do something for them who can die for us. Whether you live in India or not. We have to do something. It is not the matter of concern only for India. It’s an emerging threat for whole of the world.

There is an urgent need for stopping this mind pollution. You would be thinking that everyone is saying we need to stop this terrorism but how to stop no one telling. Here are some steps by which you can also contribute-

First step which we could do is educating every child.

So that you could get a job. Many surveys have proved that a major factor for increasing terrorism is unemployment. The terrorist offer money to these unemployed people to throw stones and they become stone throwers and gradually become terrorists. The person who killed 40 soldiers of India was also a stone thrower earlier.

The mind of people could not be changed easily.

This means that the people should not be easily get brainwashed. Large number of terrorist which are today in this world were brainwashed. The other terrorist say that the work of terrorist is a good work according to their religion. But it is not true.

Protest and Strike

This is a way in which we can stop terrorism. If we will protest and strike the moment will be forced to take some strict action.

We request you to spread this message enormously so that terrorism could be removed.

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