There is nothing more important than health

“There is nothing more important than health”

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Mind is rather the battery of the physical mechanism of human beings. It decides all the activities of man good or bad. But it requires healthy abode. it is only them that Fortune smiles at man and fills his coffers with wealth material or spiritual.

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There is nothing more important than health.

Need for healthy state

There is a saying in Ayurveda “it is through his body that man performs all his rightful duties”. He can do it only when the body image remains in a perfect healthy state. Thus, for him health is the real wealth. We can achieve anything. A healthy sportsman can move towards a gold medal in the Olympic. A healthy wrestler gains prominence. Healthy business man sees his business well flourish. A healthy student has a sway over his friends and tops in the skills he likes.

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There is nothing more important than health.

Unhealthy man is like cadaver

An healthy man loses all that he possesses. He faces a battery of greedy physician who may be having an eye more on his pocket then on his well-being. And healthy man grows desperate. His mind too grows sick and he is in the jaws of paralytic attack both mentally and materially. Death alone may bring Solace to him make him free from frustrations. A healthy man has a rich orchard of the fruits of hope, Peace, satisfaction and prominence– the real wealth.

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There is nothing more important than health.

Man has rationale

Man is a rational animal. His superior mind. In fact, man has been able to control nature due to his highly developed brain. It is all true. But for the development of the intellect, it is necessary that the body too, should be healthy. Sound mind in a sound body is an oft quoted saying. The mind can never be healthy if the body is sick. The death of the body is the death of the body, the mind also. So it is apparent that for intellectual development physical exercises is essential.

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There is nothing more important than health.

Various problems

As student have to sit for long hours in the classroom, they develop numerous body defects. Their posture becomes defective. They can neither sit nor stand properly. Their body begins to look akward. The back does remain erect but develops a curvature. Thus, their spine get injured. So, for our educational institutions physical exercise is very important. It is the only way the students can maintain their health. For this very reason other person also who carry on sedentary occupations must Lake some physical exercise daily.

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There is nothing more important than health

Healthy man constitutes healthy country

Our country is very poor. The reason is that the efficiency of a people is very low as compared to the efficiency of people of other countries. When the efficiency is low the production cannot be increased and the prices cannot be lowered. So if we wish that the production of the country should be increased and consequently the good should become cheaper. The health of the worker must be improved. This makes the need of physical exercise quite clear. In our country the rate of infant mortality is quite high. The main reason behind it is weak health of parents. So the parents must be healthy, if they want to have healthy children, they must take some physical exercise daily.

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There is nothing more important than health

Non vitality attracts diseases

It is well known that our government is spending cross and crores of Rupees for providing medical facilities. It is busy in fighting various diseases to make society free of them. But medical facilities alone can never solve the problem. It is also well known that disease attack only those who lost their vitality and vigour. People with sound health may live even in the poverty, but they never fall ill. Do our people need physical exercise if they want to have disease free bodies.

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There is nothing more important than health

Healthy man can earn more

Health is the most important thing in the life of the human. If he is healthy he can earn more but if he is not he cannot earn and he depends on an another person. So it is essential for everyone to be healthy to become independent. If a person is independent then he becomes a useful resource for the country. The first factor to become rich is health if a person is not healthy he cannot do anything but if he is healthy then his mind is also healthy then he have the ability to think properly and take right decisions so that he could make his life better with his own experiences.

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There is nothing more important than health

Sharp and healthy mind lives in a healthy body

It is rightly said that sharp and healthy mind lives in a healthy body. And healthy man can think positively and positive thinking is better than the thinking of a unhealthy man. Brain of a healthy man works 10 times faster than and unhealthy life it is proved by scientific research. So if you have to plan something it is better to plan early in the morning because at that time our mind is fresh and we have a great ability to think better.

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There is nothing more important than health

Healthy person can do everything

If you are healthy you can do anything and If you are diseased try to get rid off that you can achieve more. If you are healthy you have the ability to think new ideas. These new ideas lead you to success. So for you to be successful it is necessary to be healthy.

How to be healthy ?

Being happy also helps being healthy

It is scientifically Proven that humourous people live a healthy life. So if you want to be healthy be humorous and be laughing. When we laugh our heart conditions improves. Our đź’“ heart starts beating fast that is good for our Health.

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There is nothing more important than health

Remove negativity

To be healthy it is essential to remove negativity from yourself. Negativity makes our heart weak inviting various cardiovascular problems. Nowadays world is full of negative thoughts. The reason is something bad happened with them or the things go against them. But a person should only think positively. The things which we think positively are better for ourselves and for others. Negativety can kill a person.

Health insurance role in being healthy

Health insurance is also a good option for living a secure life. Many persons now choose health insurance for determining good health. You can get health insurance easily and it is also not expensive. Rather it is cheap. Now a days Hospitals charge huge amount of money for even a small problem. It is better to take Health insurance than paying such a huge amount of money immediately which diminishes your whole savings. Thus, Health insurance could also be a great option.


In short, from the individual, as well as the social point of you, physical exercise is very essential. It is the only way to maintain health, mental, emotional and physical development of the people can proceed smoothly only if they take physical exercise. So, whenever possible as in in educational institutions, physical exercise must be made compulsory.

“there is nothing more important than your health”

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There is nothing more important than health

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