Things you must know if you are a parent

Even when just we think of a child, our heart Blossoms like a flower and when we get our own child our life fills with unexplainable happiness. Our all the worries and sorrows flow away and all the members of the family get busy in taking care of a newborn baby.

You take care while

  • Taking in our hands
  • Drinking him or her milk
  • Giving him or her bath
  • Making him or her sleep
  • Giving him or her medicine and so on.

I mean to say that we give him each and every type of care that is important for him or her but as he or she starts growing up, we start scolding him or her or shouting at him or her on the mistakes they do. Many parents even beat him or her.

Many times I think upon it why they do like that. A new born child is just like a soil. Let us take an instance of a Potter. Clay soil has no form. It is just a soil but a Potter gives beautiful shapes to the vessels from it.

In the same way, a child is just like a clay soil and parents are like a Potter.

It depends upon the parents what shape they want to give to their child. If they treat him lovingly and patiently teach him each and every aspect then child will never disappoint them. Parents should always be patient with the children, they should never speak in a loud voice with the children.

Children always imitate their elders. so it is important for the parents to be polite and good so that they could be the examples for their children.

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