This app will get you out from smoking

Are you a chainsmoker? Do you want to leave this dangerous habit?

First of all you should know what are the hazards of smoking.

What happens……

If you regularly smoke, smoke starts gathering inside your body and weakens your lungs. The smoke get accumulated in the lungs. It makes your lungs black and spoils your respiratory system. In some cases it also leads to chronic diseases like asthma, lung cancer, liver failure etc.

So it is essential for the smoker to get out of this harmful habit. Researchers have developed a new app to come out from it. According to them, this app can supervise the organic age of the body due to increasing smoking. It helps in leaving the habit of smoking.

According to the researchers of Rosewell Park Cancer Institute of America, smoking is an aspect of decreasing the lifespan. The people who smoke looks aged before their age and even they may die before time. Smoker if get out of this dangerous habit then the increasing organic life of his body may decrease and in this way, his life span may increase.

Keeping it in mind, the researchers have developed an app named zero healthspan. It can supervise the organic life of the body. According to a study published in general aging, this app will study the problems in the body due to smoking through an analysis of wearable device data. It will also give the knowledge to heal the problems.

This app will also take care of diet. According to researchers, it will also help in guiding the change in Lifestyle for example which type of diet a smoker should take, how his activities and supplements put impact on his health and so on.

If you are a teenager and your friends are forcing you for smoking or to take any harmful drug then ignore them or say, “no” straight away. You must also tell them hazards of smoking to rescue them from this devil poison which kill a person slowly and silently.

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