Valentine’s Day special

The whole world celebrates Valentine’s day. It is the day, youth of the world waits the most. Enjoy the day. The lovebirds Express their feelings, emotions, love. It is a day when lovers gift Rose to each other and the high profile youth gift the costly items to express love.

Gifting the things is just the way of expressing feelings. It should not be boundable to gift on every occasion or Valentine. Love does not create any compulsion of gifting. It is the feeling for someone whom you like the most and want to spend your whole life with that person. Because you feel that you will get full care from your partner.


Love is always full of emotions. Your partner if loves you will give you all the leisures you need. He or she will never hurt you. If you feel hurt then something is wrong inside you and you have to find out from your own soul only to get out of the problem.


Love always gives you care. He cares for your daily needs. Whenever you don’t feel well your partner takes you to doctor,prepare tea/ coffee for you. Even he prepares food himself for you.He gives you medicines in time. Wife always take care of her husband. He gets ironed clothes, polished shoes, pressed handkerchief, wallet, tiffin and all necessary things when he goes out to his office.

When he comes back home in the evening, she waits for him and prepare tea/coffee with snacks and spend a loving time with him. All these things comes in the category of love and if husband gift something by heart, love increasing day by day. So gift is just the way to show your love for her.


When a boy or a girl see something good in nature, we can say take care of grandparents, own parents or needy persons or when they see taking care of animals, poor or senior citizen then they attract towards that person. He or she wants to talk to him or her and likes to know about him or her.

Slowly and slowly, they both get filled with the feelings for Each Other. Their feelings show love, care and emotions. They never hurt each other and feels happiness in his or her will. Their feelings for Each Other never matters for skin colour, age, height, background. They do not have any business with all these issues and just are made for caring and loving each other. They never care for the rules of the society and don’t believe in caste and creed.

There are many families which are so broad minded that colour, caste, society, religion are no matter for them. They are living a successful life just because they don’t turn any matter into issue. girl relationship is full of Trust. They don’t need to question each other. The feelings of in security never comes between them. They never judge no take out mistakes in each other.

This is what the meaning of valentine is, my friends.

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