What is high fever for toddler?

What is high fever for toddler

When the temperature is more than 100.4 Fahrenheit than it is high fever for toddler. High fever for toddler is when the temperature is more than 100.4 Fahrenheit. When the temperature is more than 98.6 Fahrenheit then a person is said to have fever. The fever alone does not harm a baby this is mostly unknown to parents but infections or common cold with fever is harmful. If the temperature of toddler is more than 104 Fahrenheit immediately call a infant doctor. If the temperature is around 100 Celsius than give a tablet of ibuprofen. This will provide immediate relief. Toddlers often and suddenly catch high fever, don’t panic it is normal and rest with some simple fever medicine will cure it.

Symptoms of high fever for toddler?

Headache— A strong headache may be caused due to fever

High temperature— the simplest way to identify fever is high temperature. If the temperature of a baby is more than 98.6 Fahrenheit or 37 Celsius this is the beginning of fever.

Crying for a long time— If your baby is crying continuously this may be the reason of fever.

Weakness— weakness is caused when our energy is used up for some work and this energy may be used by our body to fight against microbes causing disease.

Irritation— If your baby is irritated then this might because of fever.

Sweating— during fever sweating is very common. Sweating is caused because our temperature is high and so that harmful bacteria may get out with our sweat.


What causes high fever to toddlers?

What is high fever for toddler

Infants are very sensitive and their immune system is not strong as that of adults. So, they are more likely to get fever through a very small dose of germs. They are not able to tolerate the attack of different types of microbes.Microbes can enter to our body through various pathways such as air, water, blood, food, etc. Some causes of fever in toddlers are-

  • Unclean water
  • Polluted environment
  • Insects including mosquitoes
  • Contaminated milk or food
  • Infections
  • Common cold
What is high fever for toddler

Treatment of high fever of toddler

The simplest treatment for high fever is to consult infant doctor. If the fever is around 102 degree Fahrenheit then lukewarm baths and medicine is very helpful helpful. This technique can completely cure the fever of toddler.

Fever precautions for infants

  • ENSURE CLEAN DRINKING WATER– water plays a vital role for preventing your baby from not only fever but also from various types of diseases.
  • CLEAN AIR– polluted air can even kill infants they are very harmful for them. Diseases like asthma, lungs problems etc are caused by polluted air.
  • Mosquito repellent– This is a very small but necessary thing. Mosquito can cause dengue, malaria etc.

When to call doctor?

If your toddler is suffering from high fever that is more than 104 degree Celsius then you should immediately call doctor. If the baby has a mild fever it could be treated at home.

Is high fever normal for toddlers?

Yes, high fever is normal. When parents does not have a strong immunity system. So, they are not able to fight from the disease causing microbes. This causes high fever. It is normal there is no need to panic give proper dose of tablets and baby will be fine.

What to do if my baby is suffering from cold and fever?

Simple answer to this question is don’t wait for anyone consult a doctor. A doctor can properly treat your toddler. If you took any wrong step that can be very big problem for your baby so it is better to make doctor handle the situation.

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