Why is there a generation gap?

The relationship between parents and their teenage children has been one where clashes and difference differences in opinion are common. The generation gap makes it difficult for both sides to appreciate each other’s point of view.

Adolescence, the transitional period between youth and maturity is the time when trouble starts between parent kid relationship. Throughout life, many developmental changes take place. Parents need to adapt themselves to the situation. An adolescent goes through changes that are physical, emotional as well as social. They also want an identity for themselves.

It is much important for the parents to tackle their adolescent children. Parents should not be too pushy. They should give their children more space but at the same time should be involved in their activities.

But it is not just the parents Who need to understand their children, teenagers too have to put a step forward,they need to empathize with parents. There should be more objective and not have negative thinking towards their parents. An open communication is must to solve all the issues.

If a little window of communication is opened in the dark room of egos the light of understanding would be strengthened beautifully.

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